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Lift Like a Girl

In coordination with Healthy New Albany. For teen girls grades 7-9.

  • Philip Heit Center for Healthy New Albany, 150 W. Main St.

Service Description

Sign Up via Healthy New Albany: During this 5-week program (10 sessions) Beth Morrison* will teach girls in grades 7-9 the fundamentals of strength and conditioning while increasing physical fitness for functional and athletic performance. Classes will utilize free weights, fitness equipment and bodyweight exercises to improve overall fitness and build well-rounded athletes. Special attention will be given to proper equipment use, form, injury prevention and goal setting. Workouts are scaled to meet every girl at her ability level and challenge her appropriately to build skill, capacity and confidence. *Beth Morrison is a certified Health Coach, nutrition coach and fitness instructor. She is the founder of Rise Strong Coaching, providing fitness travel experiences for women across the country. In addition to teaching neighborhood bootcamp in New Albany, Beth works with individuals and groups to help them achieve their wellness goals by facilitating sustainable habits in fitness and nutrition. She is passionate about creating a community where, collectively, we overcome challenges and celebrate accomplishments.

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