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Nutrition Coaching

Health and Nutrition coaching is for anyone wanting to make a change. Having a coach will help you meet your goals in many areas of wellness including nutrition, weight loss, fitness, athletic performance, time and stress management.

We will help you set goals and create action plans by doing the following:


·      Build new habits that lead to lasting change

·      Help you identify challenges and blind spots and develop strategies to overcome them

·      Provide you with support and accountability


Working with a health coach may lead you to see benefits that go beyond your initial goals. You will gain confidence as you take action and make changes that will spread to other areas of your life.

What Others are Saying...

"Beth is the reason that I have lost weight and sustained that weight loss. She showed me the benefits of the correct foods and my eating habits have changed to reflect this. Beth was inspirational and empathetic and if I ever find myself on the wrong track I remember her words and tips." -Pamela

"I am where I am today, because of Beth. I completely changed my outlook on food, exercise and most importantly ME! Beth helped me look deeper than just the food I ate (although that was huge) but also the whole ME." -Heather

"I am so glad I decided to join this challenge. I always tend to overindulge around the holidays and always feel sluggish, and worst of all guilty (not to mention the pants getting tighter). This challenge has shown me how to help plan for those special occasions by going in with a game plan. The Weekly group meetings are so helpful and the ladies are all so nice and supportive. Beth has a great deal of nutrition knowledge and offers great suggestions on food substitutions." -D.A.

Coaching Services

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