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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will attend the retreat?

Size will be limited to 15-20 women. The small size will let us build relationships and individualize the work we do. 


What if I’m attending the retreat without a group of friends?

Awesome. We congratulate you on being brave and are certain you will leave having established meaningful connections with other guests.


I am traveling with my friend, can we room together?

Of course. As long as there is a room available, just note your roommates name on the registration form. 


What if I don’t feel in shape enough to go on a fitness retreat?

No problem! This is the perfect place to jumpstart your fitness. There will be clients from all sorts of backgrounds. All classes are individualized to your abilities and you will not have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.  


What should I pack?

We will send out a detailed packing list prior to the retreat.


What if I don’t like one of the activities in the schedule?

We would love for your to join us on all activities. You might surprise yourself and find something new you love. However, this is your retreat and you know your body best, so decisions about participation are left to you. Nobody will force you to do anything you don’t want to do. 

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