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Introducing the Rise Strong Blog!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

As a kid, I always kept a diary. Each year for Christmas my grandmother would give me a fabric covered journal that I would then spend the next year recording the mundane details of my life. The things my friends said, the grades I got, vacations, fights with my brother, you name it and I told my journal all about it. Through different periods of my life, I continued sharing stories: letters as a teenager while we lived abroad, articles on my teaching experiences when I started my career and more recently a blog that chronicled our family adventures while living in China .

So why stop there? Over the last several years I have gone through a significant transformation in my health and wellness. Nutrition, exercise and overall wellness have become priorities not only personally but as a new profession as well. Reflecting on the journey I have been on and the ongoing challenges, learnings and a-ha moments, I realize I have a few stories that may benefit others.

I hope that by sharing my stories, those that have happened and those that are yet to come, you will be able to take away a nugget or two that will help you on your own wellness journey.



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